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The iCritic Crew  

Carl "Fig" Newton III

Premier Movie Critic / CEO / Web Designer


Favorite Movie: Man Of Steel / Superman

Favorite Actor: Sylvester Stallone

Favorite Movie Genre: Action, SciFi, Horror & Comedy.

Heather "Hacienda" Newton

Premier iCritic / Executive Assistant

Favorite Movie: Indiana Jones Trilogy

Favorite Actor: Harrison Ford

Favorite Movie Genre: Action and Horror.

Latasha "Cookie" Newton

Premier iCritic / Event Director

Favorite Movie: Harlem Nights

Favorite Actor: Charlize Theron

Favorite Movie Genre: Comedy, Drama, Action and Adventure.

Nathan "N8 Dawg" Newton

Premier iCritic / Equipment Advisor

Favorite Movie: Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon

Favorite Actor: Anthony Hopkins

Favorite Movie Genre: Action, SciFi, Horror & Family.

Bret "Wolf" Rhoades

Premier iCritic / Movie Trailer Advisor

Favorite Movie: The Crow

Favorite Actor: Ryan Reynolds

Favorite Movie Genre: Action, SciFi, Drama & Comedy.


Mike "Big Mic" Brooks

Premier iCritic / Marketing Director


Favorite Movie: Cotton comes to Harlem

Favorite Actor: Forest Whitaker

Favorite Movie Genre: Comedy, Suspense, and Action.


Percy "PJ" Newton Sr.

Premier iCritic / Event Security


Favorite Movie: Black Panther

Favorite Actor: Michael B Jordan

Favorite Movie Genre: Comedy, Action