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Premier iCritic: Carl "Fig" Newton
Owner/Entrepreneur/Web Designer
Fan of: Action Movies, Horror movies, SciFi movies and Comedy movies
iCritic Premier Movies delivers well thought out posts and reviews. We critic/review past & present movies as well as offer information about upcoming movies. iCritic Premier Movies let you know what to look out for in watching a good movie. 
In addition to our movie posts and reviews, our website does offer:
  • Online Fundraiser/Raffles/Contest
  • Local theater locations and movie times
  • iCritic Premier Movies event dates and time.
  • Movie recommendations
  • Social media links with iCritics
iCritic Premier Movies also wants to introduce you to our Premier iCritic Crew. They are the heart of this website assisting with open reviews and upcoming movie trailers. Our crew keeps an eye out for the next blockbuster movie before it arrives. They are also able to critic any movie, past or present, with an open mind as if it was being shown for the first time. 
iCritic Crew members : 
  • Heather "Hacienda" Newton
  • Nathan "N8-Dawg" Newton
  • Brett "Wolf" Rhoades
  • Latasha "Cookie" Newton